GSL 6: Team, Scholarship and Discount Registration Opportunities

Aligned with our values – access, inclusion, and the importance of diverse voices and insights – financial support for attendance at One World: Inclusion and Transformation in Global Service Learning is available through:

  • Restructuring institutional sponsorship to encourage higher education members to support attendance of community partners
  • Five (or more, pending funding) GSL 6 Attendance Stipend and Registration Scholarships (Value: $1,500 each). This scholarship is intended to support participation from community organization representatives and/or representatives from The Global South who otherwise would not be able to participate. In addition to receiving a free registration, recipients will receive $1,150 toward travel and accommodation costs. Apply.
  • Ten (or more, pending funding) GSL 6 Summit Registration Fee Scholarships. This scholarship, valued at $350 each, covers registration costs. Apply.
  • Finally, individuals who apply but are not awarded the scholarships above may demonstrate eligibility for a GSL 6 Discounted Summit Registration Fee (1st deadline for $225 and 2nd deadline for $275). Apply.

The Globalsl Network and the GSL 6 Steering Committee are particularly interested in supporting diversity of voices and better understanding the knowledges that develop through community-driven practice. Preference will be given to accepted proposals. Registration Fee Scholarship recipients and/or their institutional and organizational partners maintain responsibility for travel, food and accommodations during the Summit.  

The GSL Summit Fee Scholarship is intended to enable participation of various stakeholders, such as community-based organization representatives and residents of the Global South. The GSL Discounted Summit Fee is available for others who express financial constraints such as graduate students, K-12 educators, and others. You will be asked to indicate and explain which categories apply to your application.

GSL 6 Summit Fee Scholarships and Discounted Fees: The application deadline is June 15, 2019. Notification of awards will be sent by June 30, 2019 and GSL 6 registration is required by July 15, 2019.