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Drawing on 10 years of collaboration among individuals, community organizations, and higher education institutions, the University of San Diego (West Coast: June 13 – 15) and Haverford College (East Coast: August
7 – 9) are hosting institutes this summer to explore, deepen, and advance ethical community-engaged learning.

GSLI West | June 13-15, 2018 | University of San Diego | More information

GSLI East | August 7 – 9, 2018 | Haverford College | More information


Each institute will: 

  • be collaborative, open, and participatory
  • feature small group dialogue, exploration, and exchange
  • include no more than 50 total participants
  • be informed by local and regional organizations advancing migrant rights, refugee acceptance, and other applied forms of local engagement with global learning, inclusion, action, and activism
  • offer clear tools and strategies for engaged global learning pedagogies
  • consider models of ethical community-campus partnership
  • include space for robust critique, questioning, and new collaborations

The institutes are relevant for: 

  • faculty, staff, and community organization leaders interested in further developing pedagogy that productively integrates experiential learning and conventional classroom goals and processes
  • anyone interested in models of community-campus partnership that look squarely at challenges of power and privilege, while considering strategies to advance components of economic and epistemological reciprocity
  • on and off-campus educators and activists interested in gathering with like-minded individuals to re-imagine and re-invigorate the structures of higher education in service of ongoing efforts to support just, inclusive, and sustainable communities, locally and internationallyCosts, registration, and timing: 
  • The fee for each institute, which includes most meals during each gathering, is $300
  • Each institute begins at 2 pm on the first day and concludes at 1 pm on the final day
  • West Coast participants who stay overnight will need to secure lodging off-campus
  • East Coast participants, during registration, may choose to opt for basic on-campus lodging at the cost of $110 for both nights (total)
  • Registration link: https://amizade.org/gsli/

Alphabetical listing of co-planners and collaborators on each coast and

West Coast:

Kira Espiritu, Director, International Studies Abroad, University of San
Diego International Center

John Loggins, Director of Community Engaged Learning at the University of
San Diego

Chris Nayve, Associate Vice President, Community Engagement at the
University of San Diego

Maria Silva, Director of Neighborhood & Community Engaged Partnerships,
University of San Diego Mulvaney Center for Community, Awareness and Social

East Coast:

Veronica Montes, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Bryn Mawr College;
Co-creator, Bryn Mawr Migrations and Borderlands 360

Sarah Stanlick, Director, Lehigh University Center for Community
Engagement, Professor of Practice in Sociology and Anthropology

Shannon Wheatley Hartman, Fellow, Interactivity Foundation and Haverford
College Center for Peace and Global Citizenship

Alexandra Wolkoff, Director of Education, Puentes de Salud; Haverford
College Center for Peace and Global Citizenship

Both Institutes:

Brandon Blache-Cohen, Executive Director, Amizade

Eric Hartman, Executive Director of the Haverford College Center for Peace
and Global Citizenship; Co-author, *Community-based global learning: The
theory and practice of ethical engagement at home and abroad*

Richard Kiely, Senior Fellow, Program Evaluation, Office of Engagement
Initiatives, Cornell University; Co-author, *Community-based global
learning: The theory and practice of ethical engagement at home and abroad*

Nora Reynolds, Fellow for Ethical Global Learning, Haverford College Center
for Peace and Global Citizenship; Director, globalsl


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