Women’s Emancipation and Development Agency (WOMEDA) Executive Director Juma Massisi (seated, center) facilitates conversation among women and Amizade students in Kayanga, Tanzania, as part of research that supported a successful United States Agency for International Development grant award for WOMEDA.


DukeEngage students Jeline Rabideau and Jenny Denton worked with middle school girls, such as ​Katie, in Western North Carolina to enhance literacy skills through digital storytelling projects focused on their families.


DukeEngage independent project student Alex Saffrit collaborated with a community member, Moses, in Nkokonjeru, Uganda, on a solar cooker project.


Ernesto Alaniz, community maintenance leader, Villanova civil engineering student Allie Braun, and Water for Waslala program manager Iain Hunt cooperate to inspect a new water tank near Santa Maria Kubali, Nicaragua.

GSL 6: Sessions & posters

See the Summit overview and Full Program.

Pre-summit workshop: Community-based Global Learning 101: Pedagogy and Partnerships

Balu Balasubramaniam (Founder SVYM & GRAAM, Mysuru, India), Jessica Friedrichs (Associate Professor, Carlow University), Richard Kiely (Senior Fellow, Cornell University)

[Co-Creating Value for Communities]

CS2 | Challenges of Community Partners in Hosting Service- Learning Practice: a Local Perspective

Vinay Kariappa, Center for Centre for Social Action, Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru, India


CS4 | The Global Engagement Survey: Assessing Cultural Humility, Global Citizenship, and Critical Reflection

Nora Pillard Reynolds, Globalsl Network & Haverford College/ Benjamin J. Lough, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/ Cynthia Toms, Westmont College/ Jessica Evert, Child Family Health International

CS5 | Race, Power, and the Politics of Accommodation in Global Service-Learning: Exploring the Tension between Student-Centered and Mission-Centered Program Models

José León Vargas, Solidaridad Internacional Kanda (SiKanda)/ Darling Kaniras, Yamaram Jintia Tayu Jee/ Nyanatee Bailey, University of Michigan/ Latika Young, Florida State University/ Andy McGadney, Colby College

CS6 | Challenging, Decolonizing, and Reimagining Assessment for Global Community-Based Learning

Sarah Stanlick, Worcester Polytechnic Institute/ Whitney Szmodis, Lehigh University

CS7 | Unique Partnerships in Global Education: Building Ethical, Long-Term Relationships and Global Competency through Service-Learning Projects

Hillary Koller and Bryan Schultz, University of Pittsburgh/ Bibi Al-Ebrahim, Amizade

Plenary | On-campus Organizing And The Great Breadth Of Health-connected Activities: Advancing Ethical Engagement Before Students Depart

Nancy E. Glass, PHD, MPH, RN, FAAN, Professor, Associate Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, Independence Chair in Nursing Education

Jessica Evert, MD, Executive Director, Child Family Health International, and Faculty, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Virginia Rowthorn, JD, LLM, Executive Director, Center for Global Education Initiatives, University of Maryland Baltimore

Tricia Todd, MPH, Director, Pre-Health Student Resource Center, University of Minnesota

CS8 | Planning Session: Globalsl Network

Eric Hartman and Nora Pillard Reynolds, Globalsl Network & Haverford College

CS9 | Beyond the Pre-Departure Checklist: Best Practices in International Pre-departure and Re-entry for Global Engaged Learning Programs

Kate Placide, Western University

CS11 | Distance Mentorship for Critically-Engaged GSL: Pedagogical Challenges and Opportunities

Marc Anthony Branch, Omprakash/ Ben Gardner, University of Washington Bothell/ Tess Ndoti, Omprakash/ Alex Knott, Omprakash

CS12 | Designing and Assessing a Global Health and Language Curriculum

Kimberly Garner and Joan Clifford, Duke University

CS13 | Global is Local: Experiences Developing and Sustaining Mutually Beneficial Local and Regional Partnerships at the Emory University School of Nursing

Lisa Nunez, Elizabeth Downes, Helen Baker and Patricia Moreland, Emory University

CS15 | Social Innovation or Social Distraction? Ethical Dimensions of Entrepreneurship in GSL Programming

Rebecca Tiessen, University of Ottawa/ Benjamin Lough, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign/ Willy Oppenheim, Omprakash/ Aneri Pradhan, ENVenture/ Stella Wanjala, Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation (WWANC)

CS16 | Developing and Maintaining Ethical and Mutually Beneficial International Service-Learning Partnerships: Lessons from the Successes (and Failures!) of the Periclean Scholars program at Elon University

Mathew Gendle, Elon University

CS17 | Integrating Student Leadership in Global Learning through Service Peer Educators

JLP Prince, Samiha Ross and Susana Ramirez- Londoño, Agnes Scott College

CS18 | Understanding Community: A Course Engaging Students and Local Residents in Oxford, Georgia

Lyn Pace, Oxford College of Emory University

CS20 | Social Network Analysis in Global Learning

Kaitlin Long, Kansas State University


CS21 | Partnership First, Pedagogy and Programming Second: Embracing Fair Trade Learning to Partner across Disciplines

Eric Hartman, Haverford College/ Alexandra Wolkoff, Haverford College – Puentes de Salud Partnership/ Ariana Huberman, Haverford College

CS23 | Cornell University: A Systematic Approach to Program Design and Evaluation of Students’ Civic, Intercultural, and Critically Reflective Learning

Joy Das and Richard Kiely, Cornell University

[Engaged Leadership Tip Sheet]

CS25 | From Doing Reflection to Being Reflective: Activating Student Leadership, Ethical Engagement, and Civic Imagination

Jeffrey Rathlef, Samantha Hauser and Nikol Damato, Slippery Rock University/ Bibi Al-Ebrahim, Amizade

CS26 | Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There: The Psychological Challenges and Shifts in Agency that Underlie Ethical and Empowering Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Jessica Evert, Child Family Health International

CS27 | Building Our Capacity for Relational Program Planning in GSL: Lessons from an Institution – Community Partner Action Research Project

Mary Price, IUPUI Center for Service and Learning/ Sara Makki Alamdari and Carmen Luca Sugawara, IU School of Social Work, Jeffrey Steele and Odette Aguirre, IU School of Dentistry/ Stephanie Leslie, IUPUI Office of International Affairs

[Ethical Principles & Open-Ended Questions]

[IUPUI Guiding Principles]

[IUSD Guatemala Partnership]

[IUSD Partnership Profile]

[Partnership Plan Handout]

CS28 | The Partnership is Flawed. Now What?

Eric Hartman, Haverford College/ Sarah Stanlick, Worcester Polytechnic Institute/ Jessica Friedrichs, Carlow University/ Brandon Blache- Cohen, Amizade Global Service-Learning

CS29 | Sustaining Global Partnerships in Times of Crisis

Erin Sabato, Quinnipiac University/ Oscar Aragon and Eira Argenal, Alianza Americana

CS30 | Advancing Global & Community-Based Work through Improved Assignment Design

Bridget Trogden and Taimi Olsen, Clemson University

[Learning-Focused Assignment Guide]

[Learning-Focused Testing Guide]

[Reflective Prompts]

CS31 | The Missing Voice: Hearing Community Members’ Perspectives of Global Service Learning

Noel Habashy, Pennsylvania State University/ Nora Pillard Reynolds, Globalsl & Haverford College

CS32 | How to Get Beyond the One-and-Done in GSL: A Framework for Scaling Impact Through Transforming Mindsets

Matthew Fortier and Franchesca Rybar, Georgetown University

[Mapping Worksheet]