Zea Miller

UW Green Bay

Zea Miller, a second year student at UW Green Bay, is a student leader who is committed to the common good and has focused their academic career on civic engagement and learning how to better involve herself and others to improve the community. Through their majors in Political Science and Environmental Policy and Planning, Zea plans to focus on creating more sustainable and healthy communities. She has been active on our campus in the Civic Scholars Leadership program and as a Senator in Student Government. Through this work Zea continues to be part of efforts to reduce our campus’ waste, improve campus dining, and advance our campus’ environmental sustainability. Zea is also active in community through her support for organizations and movements such as Black Lives Matter, the Trevor Project, and the World Wildlife Fund. We are very proud of Zea's achievements as a UW Green Bay student!

Michael Alexander
UW Green Bay

Personal Statement

As a person who has grown up in an increasingly worsening environment, my passion for environmental justice issues started at a young age and has led me to the academic and civic path I’m on today. I have a strong sense of connection to the Green Bay area and feel that my passion for a healthy and safe living environment for all could be used to greatly improve our home. Locally, I am involved in the Environmental Affairs Committee of the Student Government Organization on campus to provide our students a voice within our campus legislation, particularly when it comes to environmental issues. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a chance to live in a clean and healthy environment, and I plan to help give people the power to make that a reality.

Zea Miller
Double major in Environmental Policy and Planning and Political Science with a minor in Global Studies: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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