Jeromy Hunt, Jr.

University of Central Arkansas

Jeromy Hunt, Jr., a second-year student at University of Central Arkansas, is a student leader committed to the development and success of other young people. As a staff member of Arkansas Boys State, he contributes to the civic education of the next generation of leaders in our state, advancing their understanding of the role all citizens play in a democratic society. On campus, he mentors other students of color and provides a voice for students in campus housing. He is passionate about voter education and civic literacy, with plans to pursue a career in which he can increase voters’ access to information about political candidates and issues.

Houston Davis
University of Central Arkansas

Personal Statement

Being a man of color, diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, and losing both of my parents at a young age, I persist through the adversity in my personal life as a testament to all those who have experienced the same things and to offer support to others when they face challenges. As a leader, I advocate for other students of color and for those who can't speak for themselves, and I work to change the meaning of leadership. I want everyone to know that they have someone who will fight for them when the going gets tough. On campus, I am a mentor in the Black Male Achievement Challenge and a member of the campus NAACP and Latino Student Association, and off campus I am on staff at Arkansas Boys State, contributing to the civic education for young men learning to lead in their communities, our state, and our nation. As I grow older and wiser, I see the changes that need to be made, and realize that change starts with me.

Jeromy Hunt, Jr.
Public Relations: Class of May 2024
written 2022

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