Karen De La Rosa De Alejandro

Universidad de Monterrey

Karen De la Rosa De Alejandro, a fourth semester of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Monterrey, is a worthy candidate for the Newman Civic Fellowship, being a faithful bearer of the characteristics and values of our University by demonstrating that “the human being only reaches its fullness in the service of others.” She is considered for the tangible results of her social engagement, her constant spirit of improvement, and academic excellence. Karen is enrolled in Formar Para Transformar, a program addressed to students with a vocation for service during the course of their undergraduate studies, for their comprehensive training and in the development of social processes with a long-term vision for the transformation of their reality. Among her recognitions are the Social Leadership Award at the Liceo Alfa Fundación, the INJUVE "Youth for the World" award and scholarship, the CONCAUSA National Encounter Award, and she was winner of the UNICEF "Capture Change" Photography Contest. Also, Karen is the founder and leader of the CoNatura and Formando Sonrisas projects and has stood out for her social participation in the civil society organizations Sociedad Sostenible A.C., Fundación Sé Más, TECHO and UNICEF.

Mario Páez Gonzalez
Universidad de Monterrey

Personal Statement

Throughout my life I have been committed to express my voice to the problems that afflict the community. I participated in the "Third Children's Parliament" in the Congress of the Union, generating proposals to address the problems of the state of Nuevo León, México and I was designated as "the representative voice of the youth of the municipality of San Nicolás de los Garza, México" in a UNICEF participation forum. In my professional experience I have developed tools to create projects for the benefit of the community, among which CoNatura and Formando Sonrisas stand out. CoNatura seeks to raise community awareness to reduce the use of firewood and eliminate the production of greenhouse gases through the implementation of sustainable action workshops and cleanup campaigns in contaminated areas, which help mitigate the lack of green and contaminated areas in the Metropolitan Zone of Monterrey in the state of Nuevo León, México. Currently, the project has been implemented in the municipalities of Santa Catarina, García and Mina, benefiting approximately 500 people with the development of activities focused on a sustainable lifestyle. The project's strategic alliances include UNICEF, U-Report, Concausa, América Solidaria, Caserta Foundation and the government of the municipality of Escobedo, México.

Karen De La Rosa De Alejandro
Engineering degree in Industrial and Systems : Class of December, 2023
written 2022

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