Tess Dimler

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Theresa “Tess” Dimler is a driven University of Wisconsin-Parkside student leader who is eager to learn and grow through collaborating with others. Through her work as a MOSAIC (Motivating Our Students to Advocate for an Inclusive Campus) Educator, Tess has created and led workshops to educate the campus community on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion and advocate for a more inclusive environment. Tess also encourages fellow students to learn and reflect on a variety of health and wellness topics through her role as a Peer Health Educator. In addition to these student leadership positions, Tess is involved with the Parkside Asian Organization, Black Student Union, and the Student Equity Diversity and Inclusion Council. While participating in all of these efforts, Tess demonstrates outstanding academic success as she pursues her major in Psychology, minor in Sociology, and certificate in Business Fundamentals. Her work ethic and compassion for marginalized communities make a significant impact on our campus.

Deborah Ford
University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Personal Statement

I am very passionate about the building of strong and healthy communities, ones rooted in equity, diversity, and inclusion. As a MOSAIC Educator at UW-Parkside, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity, guidance, and support to do just this. In facilitating workshops on topics such as implicit bias, privilege, and being an advocate, I’ve learned how essential conversation, and vulnerability within that conversation, is. Vulnerable conversation allows us to hear and understand the experiences of others, and to subsequently understand with more clarity where social issues lie and what can be done to remedy them. I’ve also learned so much from my colleagues—specifically, the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Whether it be the offering of a perspective I hadn’t yet considered, or the proposal of a way to better reach people, the thoughts and ideas of others have proven to be invaluable to me and my experience. And while this type of work can be uncomfortable, this only tells us just how necessary it is. It is my hope to create spaces where people can feel safe to listen, share, and learn, as it will ultimately help us all to hold ourselves, and others, accountable for our impact.

Tess Dimler
Psychology major, Sociology minor, Business Fundamentals Certificate: Class of May 2024
written 2022

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