Angela Maloney

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Angela Maloney is a third-year student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Community and Nonprofit Leadership and International Studies, with certificates in Public Policy, Development Economics, Chican@ and Latin@ Studies, and Leadership. She is passionate about community organizing and public service as avenues to address economic inequality and systemic racism. As a self-identified low-income student, Angela understands the importance of this intersection between economic and racial justice and works to address both challenges. She is an active participant in several community spaces including Madison Common Council and Associated Students of Madison meetings. Angela has positively impacted the Madison community even further through her work as a labor organizer where she collaborated with workers to create documents for Worker Justice Wisconsin used in organizing future collective action campaigns. Angela’s passion for public service extends to her work in voter engagement. As a member of UW-Madison’s BadgersVote Coalition, Angela brought student organizations, campus departments, and the community together to successfully register more than 100 students to vote. Furthermore, Angela is a Staff Member in Governor Tony Evers’ Office, where she provides Wisconsinites with clear communication about the Governor’s priorities and responds to their concerns to combat miscommunication and address political polarization.

Rebecca Blank
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Personal Statement

As a high school and now college student I have grown into my identity as a community organizer and public servant. To me, this combination of grassroots direct action and representative leadership is the key to addressing the root causes of systemic economic and racial oppression. Driven by this belief I have become involved in many organizing efforts in my community. For two years, I organized voter registration drives, co-chaired the civic learning subcommittee, and completed an independent research project with student groups about youth civic engagement and voting on my campus. Last summer I worked as a labor organizer advocating for workers in my community. Now, I serve as president of Zoe Bayliss, the only affordable housing cooperative for students on my campus. I have led the Cooperative through the COVID-19 pandemic, successfully advocated to make the Cooperative inclusive of nonbinary and transgender students, and am now organizing the effort to move to a new location. Beyond community organizing, I serve as a staff member in the Office of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. As a caseworker in the office, I manage complex casework on behalf of constituents in need of assistance from Wisconsin State agencies.

Angela Maloney
Community and Nonprofit Leadership, International Studies: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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