Litze Jazmine Estrada

Alverno College

Litze Jazmine Estrada, a senior at Alverno College, is a triple major in Spanish, Women & Gender Studies, and Global Studies. Although she has three majors, she is singular in her focus – supporting the lives of women in the Latina community. Ms. Estrada has volunteered with multiple organizations including those ensuring young people and families have access to critical needs such as food, health care and education. Ms. Estrada’s advocacy activates spaces where the voices of women and girls are centered and honored.

Andrea Lee
Alverno College

Personal Statement

Growing up, I was oblivious to the severe inequality women experience and the importance of empowering women through education. I was fortunate to volunteer with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH USA) an organization that grants financial support for children through voluntary sponsorships of children's health services and education. I took the initiative to organize a sponsorship drive where volunteers shared stories of women and girls who benefited from the organization. While translating letters from Spanish to English, I came across many letters from Latin American schoolgirls that mentioned how crucial it was for them to further their education; many believed that their education was the only way to obtain a better future. That is when I began to advocate for women and girls and developed the realization that I am capable of fighting for women especially by giving them voice. My majors in Spanish, Women & Gender Studies, and Global Studies, provide me with the tools to become more deeply engaged in the movement to end patriarchy, misogyny, and inequality against women. I am working toward my goal to be a leader in the Latinx community on issues related to the empowerment of women.

Litze Jazmine Estrada
Women and Gender Studies, Global Studies, Spanish Majors: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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