Caio Gomes

Adelphi University

Caio Gomes ’23 is a first-generation college student as well as an international student from Brazil who speaks five languages. A member of Adelphi’s prestigious Levermore Global Scholars program for students dedicated to creating change, he is preparing for a career in diplomacy with a goal of advancing human rights, social and climate justice, and world peace. He is already addressing some of those issues as an officer in the Levermore program’s Student Leadership Council, working to promote social action on campus and volunteering for a food recovery initiative that is helping alleviate food insecurity in the local community. Caio is also involved in international social justice efforts as a research intern for Safe Place International, a nonprofit organization that supports LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Greece, Turkey and other countries across the world. Motivated by a strong commitment to human rights, he believes that changing the world begins by making an impact on those around you. Starting small, he says, can “create a chain of action that will help guide us towards a better future for all.”

Christine M. Riordan
Adelphi University

Personal Statement

Throughout my time in school, I have always been one to stand up and take the lead when no one else would. I have an inherent passion for leadership and inspiring others to promote change and justice. Coming to Adelphi, I have brought that passion to the campus organizations I’ve joined and to an international research internship supporting asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. As a first-generation college student and an international student, I have been able to find people who think and act like me in the Levermore Global Scholars program and, especially, the Student Leadership Council within the program. As a member of the council’s executive board for the past two years, I have been able to work with my peers to address social justice issues on campus and in the nearby community. We have also created a food recovery program to provide aid to local shelters and community groups. I believe that those who wish to change the world can make a great difference by starting small and impacting those around them. One can then create a chain of action that will help guide us toward a better future for all.

Caio Gomes
International Relations: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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