Sol Horn

Alvernia University

Sol "Max" Horn is a graduate student in Alvernia University’s Business Administration program. Throughout his time at Alvernia, Max has been engaged in serving our local community. As an undergraduate, Max served as an ambassador where he shared the University's history and Franciscan tradition of service with others. Max was also a member of the O’Pake Institute’s Fellows Program. In this role, he had the opportunity to apply the skills he learned in the classroom to real-word applications. He provided direct business support to over 10 nonprofit organizations and small businesses in Berks County. Max is also the founder of “Holiday Hugs”, an annual initiative that brings joy to children in need during the Holiday season. Every year, Max organizes a large-scale toy donation drive and partners with children's hospitals, children's homes, and recreational centers fulfilling their holidays needs. In 2020, after completing over 200 hours of service, Max was honored with a Franciscan Servant Leader Certification through the Holleran Center. Max’s passion for business and service continues today through his role as the Graduate Assistant for Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute. In this role, he creates sustainable community service opportunities, powered by the Students and Staff that support the Institute.

John Loyack
Alvernia University

Personal Statement

Throughout my time as a student, I have served the community and reflected on how important it is to support those in need. I first became interested in helping others when I was in high school and launched a project that impacted my community. After that project, I knew I wanted to start my lifelong service project and create "Holiday Hugs." For the past eight years, I have worked with children's hospitals, children's homes, and recreational centers, giving the children the holidays they may not get because of an illness or social class. Throughout my time at Alvernia, I have had the opportunity to serve various community needs through service projects within the City of Reading and back home in New York. I have volunteered with the Special Olympics and the New York Blind Metro Hockey Team and have helped kids within after-school programs. As a student in Alvernia's Masters of Business Administration program, I serve as the Graduate Assistant of Student and Client Services within the O'Pake Institute. Within this role, I assist entrepreneurs in becoming a positive economic change in Reading and have currently served over ten businesses in the areas of digital marketing, business development, strategic planning.

Sol Horn
Business Administration: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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