Daniel Cancro

Averett University

Since high school, Daniel has always been interested in serving his community in various ways. He served on the Winston Salem Youth Advisory Council, working with community leaders to put together retreats for other youth councils, developing programming to better relationships between police and community, and working together with other high school students for the betterment of Winston Salem. Daniel has also demonstrated a commitment to environmental justice throughout his life, working in environmental sustainability through the Environmental Club in high school, and he continues his work at Averett in the Bonner Leader Program. As a Bonner Leader, Daniel serves at the Danville Life Saving Crew as an EMT Assistant. In that role, he provides pre-hospital care to sick and injured patients needing transport to the local hospital. In addition, he is hoping to complete his EMT licensure during his sophomore year so he can contribute even more to the Danville Life Saving Crew as a full member. As a Bonner Leader at Averett, Daniel has shown genuine enthusiasm for leadership opportunities, even as a first year student. I am confident that he will set a great standard for future Bonner Leaders.

Tiffany Franks
Averett University

Personal Statement

I first became engaged with the fight against food disparity when I volunteered with my father at our church giving food to those who were hungry. After seeing how severe of a problem this was in my community, I was driven to continue to pursue equity by joining a volunteer group in which we coordinated canned food drives which resulted in us raising over ten thousand cans of food. During this time, I was also a member of the Winston-Salem Youth Advisory Council. As a member, I was determined to not only combat economic issues but societal issues as well. I assisted in the planning of a retreat in which we worked to build a bond between the local police and the youth from the area. In college, I now volunteer at the Danville Life Saving Crew to combat health disparities in the Dan River Region as a Bonner Leader.

Daniel Cancro
Psychology: Class of May 2025
written 2022

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