Shay Hafner

Monmouth College

Shay Hafner, a sophomore political science and data science major, is an outstanding young man. He has a deep dedication to service, finding ways to connect that impulse to varying aspects of his life. An exceptional student, he regularly supports his peers through his service as one of our Writing Tutors. He has a record of experience in volunteering for community organizations, including Let's Feed Our Children and the PADS Homeless Shelter in Sterling , Illinois. Shay also is active as a leader on campus. He participates in our Stockdale Fellows program, performing service projects including last spring's trip to assist Living Lands and Waters in Memphis, Tennessee, with cleaning up rivers. He currently serves as Vice President of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, helping to lead service projects for that organization. His past service work, and his academic interests, all point to a deep concern for the problems of poverty and inequality, and a commitment to social change

Clarence Wyatt
Monmouth College

Personal Statement

I was first introduced to social issues, especially those of economic inequality, when I volunteered with my grandma at my local homeless shelter and at a summer program that made and distributed lunches to children that needed them. Experiencing the way that people of lower socioeconomic status have been systemically harmed inspired me to work towards change. My college experience so far has helped me realize how this issue overlaps with others, and I have since tried to take every opportunity I can to improve my community. I work as a writing tutor, helping students outside of class with writing assignments. I am a member of Stockdale Fellows, a group dedicated to leadership and service activities. Our most significant project was an alternative spring break trip in Memphis, where we helped clean the Mississippi River with Living Lands and Waters. I also serve as the vice president of my college’s Alpha Lambda Delta honor society which often does projects that work towards the benefit of the campus and the surrounding community. I hope to continue working to make a change after I graduate.

Shay Hafner
Political Science and Data Science: Class of 22-Dec
written 2021

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