Hannah Capps

Morningside College

Hannah Capps, is a junior majoring in Political Science from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. Hannah is a leader on campus, actively participating in the Morningside Civic Union, Morningside Student Government, and the Colonel Bud Day Center for Civic Engagement as a Student Research Fellow. She was integral in coordinating events such as the Poverty Simulation, Morningside Stand Against Sex Trafficking, voter registration and voter engagement campaigns. Hannah's passion for legal studies and social justice has guided her program of study, which she has intentionally crafted so as to prepare her for a career as an attorney, where she can continue to advocate for social justice and change in her community.

John Reynders
Morningside College

Personal Statement

As a young child, I have always been extremely passionate about volunteering.This has continued over the years, and is essential in the work I do. Over the course of many years, I volunteered and helped organize providing free softball clinics to the next generation of players. This has been essential in the development of being a leader and led me to where I am today. This allowed me to have a role in leadership and the importance of being a team player. On campus, I am the president of Morningside Civic Union and a research fellow with the day center. These are nonpartisan clubs which are important in today's polarized political climate in promoting civic engagement. My involvement with these organizations include promoting voter registration on campus, organizing watch parties to promote civic education, and being a part of the Morningside Poll which is community based research about current political and social issues. I have also been apart in organizing the Morningside Stand Against Sex Trafficking which helped promote the social issue of human trafficking by holding a panel discussion and a on campus stand to bring awarness to the revelance and importance of trafficking today.

Hannah Capps
Political Science: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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