Samuel Gragert

Wilbur Wright College

Samuel Gragert, a first-year student at Wilbur Wright College, is committed to helping his college and strengthening his community. Born and raised on Chicago’s Northwest side, Samuel is enrolled in his second semester at Wright. He was involved in college and civic activities from his earliest days at the college. Samuel became a Student Government Association (SGA) senator, head of the College’s Environmental Club, and chair of the Student Public Relations Club all during his first semester. He also finds time to volunteer at his state representative’s local office. Samuel cites environmental issues, namely climate change and air quality, as his key motivator to becoming actively involved in civic life. He is optimistic that his hard work and passion will lead to a career in government and public policy.

David Potash
Wilbur Wright College

Personal Statement

I will use the Newman Civic Fellowship to develop my skills of communication, networking, and compassion to cultivate positive change in the lives of the people around me. As someone who is passionate about helping other people and wants to work in government, the Newman Civic Fellowship would provide a great foundation. The Newman Fellowship will help me become a more effective advocate for change. With the network and skills provided in the Fellowship, I will develop and coordinate more opportunities for professional development at Wright College. I will advocate for students to enter local government and become more involved in their communities. I would bolster systems of upward mobility for students entering the workforce. I am a senator of the Student Government Association at Wright College, the co-director of the Public Relations Committee and the president of the Environmental Club. Outside of school, I volunteer for State Representative Lindsey Lapointe of the 19th District. I am always seeking new opportunities to learn from others and through experience. The Newman Civic Fellowship is the next best thing I can do to strengthen myself as a leader in the community and bring change to the lives of those around me.

Samuel Gragert
Political Science: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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