Odessa Kalathas

Wilson College

Odessa Kalathas, a second-year student at Wilson College, is a student leader, active in the leadership of the student government association and the Intervarsity Christian organization. Over the past two years, her focus both inside and outside of the classroom has been on social justice through constructive dialogue. This is evidenced through her service as a peer teacher in a first-year seminar centered on social justice issues during the fall and spring of her sophomore year, and as a counselor at a Christian camp, Camp Joy El, during the summer months. Her deepest desire is to love others by equipping and guiding them in constructive conversations with the hope of achieving solutions to society's ongoing issues. She embodies the Wilson Honor Principle by “demonstrating personal integrity, respecting the dignity of all persons, respecting diversity in people, ideas, and opinions, and demonstrating concern for others, their feelings and their needs for conditions which support their work and development.” She continually strives to listen to, and understand, others and by doing so, lead them in solving the issues which challenge our world and ourselves.

Wesley Fugate
Wilson College

Personal Statement

When I think of issues or disagreements, I automatically begin to assess the best decisions to create a solution. 2020 was a year that was overflowing with social issues; too many individuals either let their rage fuel their behavior in non-beneficial forms or they ignored the subject. While many social issues were brought to the forefront of the public’s mind, it seems as though contempt, anger, and frustration are the only things that have thus far been reaped from it. My deepest desire is to love others; a way that I can best achieve this today is by equipping and guiding others to have constructive conversations in the hopes of achieving solutions to the continuous issues that arise in our society. As a sophomore at Wilson College I have had several opportunities to work with people of varying opinions. I am a member of our student government, I co-lead a weekly Inter-varsity bible study, I peer taught a First Year Seminar, and next semester, my hope is to become a Resident Assistant. With this experience, I can use my skills to lead others in addressing societal problems.

Odessa Kalathas
Secondary Education/Biology: Class of 23-May
written 2021

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