Anie Shapiro

Wayfinding Academy

Anie Shapiro, a first year student at Wayfinding Academy, is active in addressing issues of animal welfare and compassion for houseless individuals and families. She has been focused on animal rehabilitation and rescue and is currently working on expanding those interests to find a way to provide free veterinarian services to houseless communities. As a deeply spiritual person who recognizes how we’re all connected to one another and to the earth, Anie has learned to have profound respect even when she is in disagreement with a person or a policy because she works to understand the other position. This compassionate and empathetic approach to all living beings will be crucial to cultivate as we move forward in our efforts to all thrive on this planet.

Michelle Jones
Wayfinding Academy

Personal Statement

We are facing big decisions and changes that must be made in order for all of us to thrive on this planet. I want to demonstrate how to make changes that will impact many lives. My plan is to make free veterinary care and pet supplies accessible to houseless communities. While my primary focus is in animal rehabilitation and rescue, I feel that giving the houseless care for their animal companions will be beneficial for everyone. The connection someone has with their pet is a kind of therapy. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by animals and they have helped me through a tremendous amount of hardship. When you show your pet love and care they will give you unconditional love, comfort, and support. Studies have shown that when you help people, they feel more secure and empowered to seek out new opportunities. Instead of feeling dehumanized, these people and their furry companions can be uplifted. It’s important to create and apply these programs because it not only improves the lives of the houseless and their pets, but impacts everyone through a heartwarming connection that extends beyond language barriers.

Anie Shapiro
Self and Society: Class of 22-Jul
written 2021

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