Denique Escobedo

Texas A&M University - San Antonio

Denique Escobedo has been serving as a Democracy Fellow through the Campus Vote Project since August 2020. Eager to share her early experiences in voting, and to help peers avoid experiencing the same voter-oppression that she did during her first opportunity to participate in a national election, Denique led a small team of Democracy Fellows in educating the campus community about voter eligibility and registration, voting deadlines and precincts, and voter rights. Cognizant that not all students are eligible to vote, she also focused on educating the campus about different ways to be civically engaged beyond solely voting. Along these lines, Denique also led the charge to develop a coalition to promote student involvement in campus issues and amplifying student voices. In addition to her efforts to promote civic engagement at A&M-San Antonio, Denique wants to encourage other universities to engage diverse students in civic issues. Her conference proposal, “New Voters, Young Voters, Minorities… Oh, My!: Engaging Students through a Hyper-Local Democracy Coalition” was recently accepted for a national conference. Denique hopes to connect other minority-serving and young institutions with resources and ideas on how to engage their own campus communities in the democratic process beyond simply voting.

Cynthia Teniente-Matson
Texas A&M University - San Antonio

Personal Statement

I am Denique Escobedo, a senior at Texas A&M University–San Antonio (A&M-SA), majoring in accounting with a minor in mathematics. I believe that it is important to be active in your community, which is why I am currently a Democracy Fellow and a Senator of the College of Business, and serve as the Chair of Spirits and Traditions in the Student Government Association (SGA). As a Democracy Fellow, I have grown as a leader for the protection of voting rights within the diverse communities of students at A&M-SA. In association with my Democracy Fellowship, I have founded a student organization on-campus --IGNITE TAMUSA --that is dedicated to engaging women in local politics and creating networking opportunities with fellow women in successful and corporate positions. This past fall I became a Deputized Voter Registrar with the county and registered dozens of students to vote. Additionally, I was able to educate over 100 students about the voting process. As a Newman Civic Fellow, I hope to be able to expand upon the work that I have started this year in order to benefit my campus and the surrounding community.

Denique Escobedo
Business Accounting: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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