Savannah Vannett

The University of Montana Western

Savannah Vannett is the true embodiment of a civic leader. While double majoring in psychology and elementary education, she utilizes her spare time to volunteer and engage her community in events to support those in need. The majority of Savannah’s civic engagement has been targeting the issue of food insecurity in her community. Savannah has helped in the origination and implementation of monthly events to serve food to those in need. Beyond that, Savannah also hosted events to improve social belonging and support to the same population. On campus, Savannah is a member of PATH (Peers Advocating Towards Health), a student group that works to engage and educate students about various health topics, as well as a Mentor in the TRIO SSS program. In both roles, she works to organize and implement tabling events, interactive educational events, and increase social belonging. Some of the events that Savannah has had a hand in making successful are Voter Registration Day, First-Generation College Student Day, and sexual health awareness events such as Condom Bingo and Sex in the Dark.

Beth Weatherby
The University of Montana Western

Personal Statement

There are people are all around me and each of them has a need. I have needs like them, some big and some small. Throughout my entire life, there have always been resources to help me through most of life’s many challenges. As I have grown, I wanted to be a part of these groups. I want to give back to the resources that helped me along the way. Being involved in community outreach, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, church programs, rescue resources, non-profits, and food pantries gives me hope for the people around me. There are many resources that most people don’t know about within their own communities. I want to bring awareness to those small outreach resources that want to help people. My passion is to help people. That is why I am going to school and volunteering to make the community I live in a better place. I want to help people so they can pass it on!

Savannah Vannett
Psychology & Elementary Education w/minor in Special Education: Class of 24-May
written 2021

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