Lauren Chaney

Texas State University

Lauren Chaney is an Adult, Professional, and Community Education doctoral student at Texas State University and she is an exemplary civic leader in a variety of capacities. Lauren is involved with a workforce initiative within the San Marcos Public Library that provides job search resources and feedback to the local San Marcos community. Lauren's primary duties include resume writing guidance, interview preparation, and making educational videos that aim to address concerns within the community and create guidance for those who seek help. Lauren believes that it is essential to listen to the community's concerns so as to provide appropriate, lasting solutions that positively impact the lives of the community members.

Denise Trauth
Texas State University

Personal Statement

I have always wanted to be a teacher; however, it was not until graduate school when I became passionate about education outside of the traditional classroom. After volunteering at the public library in San Marcos, I realized the library was implementing many programs and initiatives that promoted civic literacy. These opportunities gave people in the community the knowledge and skills needed to participate as an effective member of society. Due to civic literacy typically being neglected in most educational contexts, this type of literacy is necessary to cultivate within society in order to promote change. Currently, I assist with the workforce initiative at the library, a program that offers patrons guidance with the job search process. My duties primarily include helping with resume writing or preparing for interviews. Additionally, I help create YouTube videos with the workforce development librarian, addressing questions or concerns from community members, including deciding whether or not to go back to school or writing a cover letter. Every community is unique, and it is vital to listen to those within the community and develop effective strategies to address essential issues.

Lauren Chaney
Adult, Professional, and Community Education: Class of 22-Dec
written 2021

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