Daniel Khoshkepazi

University of Baltimore

Mr. Khoshkepazi is a valuable asset to the University of Baltimore and greater Baltimore community. During his tenure as SGA President, Daniel has advocated for students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. He states “As an Iranian-Ukrainian immigrant, first-generation, college-educated, queer, asylee-it is of utmost importance to work on breaking the stereotypes that are in place regarding people of my cultural background and show that regardless of the geopolitical occurrences, people of my background are loving, caring, and want to contribute to the betterment of all by being catalyst for positive change.” Daniel has a strong vision for UB and the greater Baltimore community. As SGA President, Daniel has felt empowered to create new services and projects that has promoted greater inclusivity and diversity on UB Campus such as Inclusion Alley, Sexual Awareness Week, Thank You Cards for Veterans, and successfully advocating to recognize “Juneteenth” on the school calendar. It is Daniel’s hope that through these diversity and inclusion endeavors, students will feel more comfortable with being their authentic selves.

Kurt Schmoke
University of Baltimore

Personal Statement

As a first generation Iranian-Ukrainian queer asylee, it is of utmost importance to work for me on breaking the stereotypes that are in place regarding people of my background. Through the platforms that I have been given as Student Government President and graduate student, I have always felt empowered to take an initiative to make positive change. The projects I am most proud of is creating Inclusion Alley, successfully advocating for “Juneteenth” and “Indigenous Peoples’ Day'' to be added to the school calendar and planning the first Sexual Health Awareness Week at The University of Baltimore. Pursuing an M.A. in Global Affairs and Human Security has enabled me to sync in my multidisciplinary interest in Political Science, Anthropology and Gender Women Studies to focus on specific international affairs issues. In the first year as a graduate student I worked in student life, while in the second year I have transitioned into a Project Coordinator role of the Community Development Fellowship Program and was elected to serve as Student Government Association President. I was once told that people who talked like me were “meant to work at a convenience store” and throughout my work I hope to change that narrative.

Daniel Khoshkepazi
Global Affairs and Human Security: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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