Savannah Harris

The Citadel

Savannah Harris, a junior Computer Science major at The Citadel has dedicated much of her community impact focus primarily on children’s education. From an early age, Savannah has taken every opportunity she can to serve her community. At The Citadel, Savannah now chairs the Company Community Engagement Council (CCEC) and serves as a Peer Leader in Undergraduate Service (PLUS) intern. Citadel cadets have almost all of their personal time prescribed due to The Citadel’s 24/7 cadet schedule. As a trumpet player in the Regimental Band, those demands apply even more so to Cadet Harris. She has focused her energies on more effective communication by engaging students in service at a grassroots level. Despite the pandemic and the limited service opportunities which encompassed much of her time at The Citadel, her dedication to service and volume of hours are exceptional.

Glenn Walters
The Citadel

Personal Statement

There were many opportunities to help others in my local community and I developed a passion to serve. It was a charge my grandma pushed me to do when I was younger. She was the one who taught me to share and to not judge my friends in elementary school because I attended a school where kids came from vastly different economic backgrounds and had many struggles. In my K-12 years, I jumped at every chance to serve my community and it allowed me to learn and grow as a person much more than I think any other experience ever had. Since then, I have focused on the community members in need because it is a personal reward to help a child learn how to read or help a family stay warm and well-fed. Service has taught me many life lessons in that every time someone finds the strength or will to take my hand, I can change their life in some meaningful way.

Savannah Harris
Computer Science: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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