Abeer Iqbal

The University of Kansas

Abeer Iqbal is a junior behavioral neuroscience major with plans of entering medical school and pursuing a career in public health. She is a student research intern at KU Alzheimer's Disease Center, an institution that provides access to care, research, and support to foster brain health in the region. In this capacity, Abeer is responsible for overseeing the pre-screening of study participants, while also coordinating medical records into a secure database per HIPAA guidelines. Abeer also helps educate and connect individuals from underrepresented communities to research opportunities and resources within the Center, an activity that she finds particularly rewarding. This personal investment in advancing public health in the community was exemplified in her volunteering at the Mass Vaccination Center in Douglas County in Spring 2021. Abeer’s leadership is animated by commitments to equity and access, as she strives to enhance health and wellbeing to others, particularly among underrepresented groups who face obstacles in these areas. Abeer brings resilience, determination, and empathy to her efforts to improve the world through works that truly elevate the community.

Douglas Girod
The University of Kansas

Personal Statement

My interest in social issues stems from growing up as Pakistani-Muslim-Woman in Iowa and learning first-hand how marginalized communities experience cultural, racial, and social inequalities due to their backgrounds. My own experiences inspired my passion for public service and motivated me to help other underprivileged communities. I have shown my commitment to service through volunteering at the Mass Vaccination Center in Douglas County this last spring to assist in protecting individuals from the spread of a disease that disproportionately affects communities of color. As a student facilitator for KU's LEAD UP Summer Academy, I further supported and educated underserved youth populations regarding academic and professional development through civic engagement. Currently, I help educate and connect minority communities to research opportunities and resources within the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center. These experiences have enabled me to become a better public service leader and strive to raise more awareness of social issues. In the future, I aim to continue addressing and creating solutions for racial inequalities and disparities in healthcare access as I pursue a career in public health and medicine.

Abeer Iqbal
Behavioral Neuroscience: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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