Campus Compact AmeriCorps Members Are a New Generation of Community-focused Engaged Citizens

March 18, 2022

In closing out AmeriCorps week, we want to recognize not only what our AmeriCorps programs do for the communities and campuses they serve, but also how they impact our members. By serving through AmeriCorps, our members are able to gain not only experience working in and with communities of need, but also have access to training, support, intentional community, and reflective space. From AmeriCorps service with Campus Compact, our alumni go on to pursue graduate education in areas like public policy, law, youth development, higher education, social work, and psychology; take positions at non-profits, colleges and universities, and government and municipal agencies such as Oxfam America, TRiO, Breakthrough Providence, and the United States Department of the Interior; or go on to work where they served– and sometimes even supervise a new AmeriCorps member! With them they carry their AmeriCorps experience, first-hand knowledge of community needs and solutions, and the understanding of the power of the partnership between institutions and community. 

We’re entering our AmeriCorps member recruitment season, with positions beginning to be posted for our VISTA program now and beginning in May for K2H Civic Futures. For information about serving, feel free to reach out via email to our K2H and VISTA program teams. All of our members are amazing, and some of the most engaged ones come to us on recommendations from higher education professionals familiar with our work, so don’t hesitate to send folks our way. 

Finally, a last thank you to our amazing AmeriCorps members currently serving in our programs – thank you for all that you do, the impact that you make, and for being a part of Campus Compact.

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