Recording, Slides, Resources: Navigating Pennsylvania K-12 Resources and Materials for Global Competence

September 28, 2020

On Tuesday, September 23, 2020, PACIE educators Deanna Baird and Marcia Thomas presented Navigating Pennsylvania K-12 Resources and Materials for Global Competence. View the slides here.

Deanna and Marcia shared some of their global education resources relevant to Pennsylvania standards and competencies. Participants, learned about the location of these resources on PDE’s SAS site and on the PACIE website, and how to navigate the online repository. They also considered the many ways you can use them to make your lessons more global in nature, using this handout.

Marcia Thomas is a special educator with 40 years of experience training teachers at Duquesne and George Washington Universities, working with school districts across PA as a consultant with the PA Training and Technical Consultant (PaTTAN) and supporting inclusive practices for families, schools and children with disabilities in multiple countries.

Deanna Baird taught German and international studies for 43 years in the Upper St. Clair School District. She also was the district’s K-12 World Language Curriculum Leader, the coordinator for the German exchange program, and a leader in the focus on global education.

The webinar was co-sponsored by The Community-based Global Learning Collaborative, the Pennsylvania Council for International Education, and the Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development.

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