Taylor Heath, University of San Francisco

taylor_headshotTaylor Heath has served as an exemplary leader, servant, student and ambassador at University of San Francisco. Taylor’s accomplishments include serving as an Advocate for Community Engagement, working as an intern in the Cultural Centers, participating in the Dialogue for Change program, serving as a Resident Advisor, creating change in India through the Global Service-Learning Fellowship program and serving as President of Black Student Union. In her work at USF, Taylor focuses on ways that education, dialogue and service connect to create systemic change. Taylor’s participation in various programs at USF has allowed her to be a strong ally and advocate for marginalized populations on and off campus. Taylor’s approach to social change is to listen to community-identified needs and to work with the community to create a tangible solution. As Black Student Union President, Taylor uses the same approach, creating a safe space to listen to the needs of her peers and to determine together how to best address issues that arise. Throughout her time at USF, Taylor has worked hard to understand herself, the root causes of social issues and effective mechanisms for lasting social change.

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