Pamela Arsenault, North Shore Community College

pam_arsenaultPamela Arsenault, a second-year student at North Shore Community College is a leader in bettering the lives of immigrants, the elderly and struggling families. Pamela, an immigrant herself, inspires others in her community to help those who have recently entered our country to realize their goals. She also contributes to the lives of the elderly at a local council on aging where she both assists individuals and serves as their advocate. Finally, she has left a lasting impression by taking an active leadership role in the largest social program in the North Shore, a toy drive for needy families. Pamela takes a personal interest in each of these three areas, hoping to make a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable. Pamela’s main goal is equality of opportunity for those she works with: Immigrants should be able to reach their goals, the elderly should be heard, and a child in a needy family should have that special toy they wanted at the holidays. Pamela brings a winning leadership style to her work and is successful in creating energy and excitement amongst those she serves with.

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