Rebeccah Overton

Colgate University

Rebeccah Overton, a third year student at Colgate University, has been volunteering with the Southern Madison Ambulance Corps (SOMAC) since she started on campus, and is currently a student leader with the group. A Neuroscience major, Rebeccah has developed a well rounded and community-focused approach to emergency medicine. As a student leader, Rebeccah looks to create lasting change in the community she serves and has the goal of expanding SOMAC’s current outreach programs. She has already made headway on this goal by creating videos to be shared with youth at the local elementary school focused on basic first aid and safety precautions during COVID-19.

Brian Casey
Colgate University

Personal Statement

As Student Co-Coordinator for the Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps, I am responsible for overseeing our student program, which consists of about 40 Colgate undergraduates, and serving as a liaison between the community and student volunteers. I currently and will continue to work at the ambulance station in addition to attending board meetings and hosting trainings to ensure our student program is running smoothly. This is something I am extremely proud of and am honored to say that I am part of such a dedicated team. As the first healthcare provider at the scene of emergency situations, an EMT's function is to assess a patient's condition and determine the course of action necessary to stabilize the patient. Oftentimes we see people at their worst, and it is our duty to give them hope that everything is going to be alright, both medically but also emotionally. This feeling is one that I have not been able to acquire in my day to day activities and something that I cherish greatly. I hope to continue working with my community, wherever I end up, and continue to connect my love for science and medicine with my passion for civic engagement.

Rebeccah Overton
Neuroscience: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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