William (John) Cowles, Montana State University

william_john_cowlesSince the day John Cowles set foot on MSU’s campus, his leadership and dedication to improving the lives of students has been felt. John transferred to Montana State University in Fall 2013 as an undergraduate with junior standing from the University of Vermont. Since his first moments here, John has taken campus “by storm” and served our academic community in several different capacities that deserve recognition. Right away, John demonstrated his commitment to engagement by running and becoming elected as a student senator in our Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU). Since that first involvement in student government, John has dedicated countless hours and tireless energy to advance the needs of students on campus.
As a student leader, John has consistently demonstrated sensible judgment rooted in his personal values and with the highest level of integrity. John’s level of engagement and proven leadership is an extraordinary asset to our University. John has earned tremendous academic success while also participating in our ASMSU Finance Board, Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee, and our Club Sports Advisory Board. Currently John is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering.

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