Mary Ivancic, Dartmouth College

Dartmouth IvancicMary Ivancic embodies the ethic of community engagement as a student. She is a Neuroscience major who has also focused much of her academic life on learning Arabic but despite her challenging course load, Mary has made service an integral component of her college career. Mary has volunteered with a variety of programs including serving as a big sister mentor through Dartmouth’s SIBS Program and as a presenter about culture and language through Language In Motion. She has also served through the SEAD program, first as a summer academic coach and then as a full time Educational Intern at SEAD’s partner high school in Schenectady, NY. Most recently, Mary has served as the Student Director of a new program called Conversations That Matter. Through this program that uses peers to facilitate reflective dialogue on campus, Mary has sought to engage her peers in conversations with the potential to deepen relationships and create a culture of reflection. Her work on this program has included expanded outreach and the creation of strategic partnerships that will increase the program’s impact. Mary exemplifies community engagement and for that is this year’s Dartmouth recipient of the Campus Compact President’s Leadership Award.

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