Margaret Arney, Xavier University

margaret_arney_photoMargaret Arney, a junior Spanish major at Xavier University, is a student leader active in working for economic justice, cultural understanding, and immigrant rights. For the past two years she has led Xavier students in building real relationships with marginalized people, particularly those experiencing poverty and homelessness. She has helped to facilitate cross cultural retreats and served as a mentor to new international students at Xavier. She currently teaches English through a local Hispanic Center to immigrants seeking to obtain a GED. Driven by her understanding of the structural and economic issues impacting immigration, Margaret advocates for policy change. She recently accompanied immigrant families to Washington and supported them in telling their stories to congressional representatives in support of immigration reform. She has also accompanied student delegations to protest human rights violations against Latin American peoples. Her passion for these issues stems from the authentic human connections she forms with people, which will continue to fuel her work for justice.

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