David Habib, University of Florida

david_habib_pictureDavid Habib, a first year graduate student at the University of Florida, is passionate about service, educating his community, and providing help to those who struggle with poverty and illness. His commitment to service is demonstrated through long-term participation in activities such as medical mission trips to Uganda, philanthropy, and participation in alternative break service trips. He educates his community through programs like the One Campaign to raise awareness about world poverty and philanthropy efforts aimed at awareness of cardiovascular disease. As a result of his activism and travels he began his own non-profit, Molly’s Beads, which sells paper jewelry made in Uganda to support the local community in Uganda. Due to his leadership and passion, the organization raised $11,000 to build a community center where women are empowered to create jewelry to be sold in the United States to continue to improve living conditions in their community. David’s charismatic personality and conviction that we all must work together to serve for a common purpose allows him to create real, lasting change and to demonstrate the spirit we seek in every University of Florida student.

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