Camri Dorsey, University of Nebraska at Omaha

camridorsey2014Camri Dorsey is a student leader in her third year at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Camri is an advocate for special needs families and is determined to find ways to serve those families by helping them find the transition resources available in their community. She will do this as an elementary special education teacher when she graduates, but presently, as a college student she is working at root barriers to obtain transition resources for underserved populations in high poverty areas. One way she does this is through her tutoring adults at the Literacy Center for the Midlands. She knows families who cannot read or complete an application for special needs support programs would not be able to access the otherwise available resources. She is also a member of the Urban League, tapping into a network of leaders who can be a part of future solutions to connect families to community resources. Camri’s dedication is channeled to work through a solvable problem to bring resources and community together and thereby improve the lives of an invisible population and their families.

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