Anne Brum, Bristol Community College

ann_brumAnne Brum, a second year student at Bristol Community College enrolled in the Nursing Program, is committed to serving others. She returned to school after many years of owning a small business in the service industry field and her desire to continue to help people fueled her passion for pursuing a career in nursing. She has been an exemplary student at the College, a member of the Student Senate and various civic engagement organizations, a Student Ambassador, and has received multiple awards for community service leadership projects. After she completes her A.S. degree in nursing this spring and passes her exam for her R.N. license, she hopes to become more proficient in her profession by obtaining her B.S. in nursing eventually acquiring her M.S.N. This will allow her the ability to teach and serve others at a greater level, educating the next generation of caregivers. Anne, through her commitment to serving others both professionally and as an active member of her community, and in her desire to strive to find solutions for challenges facing our community, exemplifies the role of civic leadership.

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