Regina Yeung

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Regina Yeung, a first generation second year Political Science student at Shippensburg University, is engaged in collaborative actions aimed at creating long-term social change for her local community and beyond. She began her civic engagement work in high school by volunteering in various capacities. While attending Shippensburg University, Regina has volunteered her time, advocated for first-year students by supporting their transition to college, and assisted in running various service projects in collaboration with the community engagement office. Ms. Yeung has continued in her social justice work by serving as a Ship Serves Ambassador. Ms. Yeung believes that change starts with something little and is happy to give back to others to help create a happy and healthy community.

Charles Patterson
Interim President
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Personal Statement

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy and happy community and if I can spare a moment to help, I gladly will. Even small acts of service can lead to a huge impact. During high school, I was introduced thoroughly to the concept of social and racial injustices and inequality with my political science and current events class. These classes influenced my decision to declare my major as political science when I went to college. This major allows me to further my knowledge in policy making to advocate for people and make sure they are heard. While in college, I’ve joined the Ship Serves Ambassadors program. We have a mission to facilitate service activities and build connections amongst SU students, the Shippensburg University community, and the Shippensburg community at large. My involvement with the Ship Serves Ambassadors motivates me to continue to give back to others and make a lasting change in the Shippensburg community.

Regina Yeung
Political Science: Class of May 2024
written 2022

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