Nolin Waterhouse

Great Falls College Montana State University

Nolin Waterhouse is a second-year student at Great Falls College Montana State University with an absolute passion about helping people. After serving in the Army, he enrolled at Great Falls College MSU determined to make a difference. He will graduate from Great Falls College in spring 2021 and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work. In fall 2020, he used his high school grocery store experience to reorganize and improve the college food pantry, making it more accessible and attractive for students. He is an articulate and dedicated student, according to one of his instructors, and a great writer. Besides working at the food pantry, he is a member of Phi Theta Kapa Honors Society, Montana Healthy Colleges student group and is a Montana Campus Compact Americorps team member.

Susan J. Wolff
Great Falls College Montana State University

Personal Statement

I come from a poor background where I always felt like I would never achieve anything. I was bullied a lot growing up, but I did not let it affect who I was as an individual. I was the only child out of five siblings to graduate high school. Once I graduated, I left for the Army. I had to join the military to get out of a bad situation because I was never good at school and struggled with the basics. After leaving the military and traveling around the United States, I decided to go back to school and started pursuing a degree in social work. Life has taught me many things about being an active member of society and helping others who are in need just as I was long ago. I believe one person motivating another into paying it forward will create a domino effect of goodwill that will benefit us all.

Nolin Waterhouse
Social Work: Class of 24-May
written 2021

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