Matthew Brown

Queens University of Charlotte

Matthew Brown, a first year Nursing Major at Queens University of Charlotte, is a servant leader who is passionate about making a positive impact in his community. Matthew embodies what the Newman Civic Scholar represents, and is dedicated to working towards long-term social change. Matthew participates in a variety of organizations at Queens University including: serving as a LEAD (Learn, Empower, Act, Diversify) Mentee, a member of the inaugural NAACP Queens University Chapter, member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion cohort, member of the Interfaith Cooperation and Civil Rights Cohort, and selected as a Charlotte Racial Justice Consortium Fellow. Matthew is a DACA student and a Golden Door Scholar recipient, and is passionate about advocating for access and resources for immigrant populations. Matthew’s commitment to his community is evident in his commitment to balancing his time to serve while also achieving academic excellence.

Daniel G. Lugo
Queens University of Charlotte

Personal Statement

One areas that I feel that I can really make an impact is the immigrant community. I myself am an immigrant, and I have met so many others who are in a similar immigrant situation to me. For many years, we as immigrants have not been able to obtain many opportunities to thrive in society. At times, we have been rejected and ignored, and our voices have oftentimes been silenced. I feel that working in the immigrant community is so important because we all deserve to have equal opportunities to thrive in society. Within the past few years, the immigrant community has been attacked for fighting to have better opportunities. With the ushering in of this new year and the new federal administration, there is hope for the immigrant community—and populations of people of color, at large. However, the work is not yet done, and I feel that as a young person, I can work to impact the community. We want change to take place, and I feel that change starts with me. I want to work to make a change in society and to help people in my situation gain the opportunities for us to be successful.

Matthew Brown
Nursing: Class of 24-May
written 2021

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