Marcus Stubbs

Bellarmine University

Marcus Stubbs, a student in Bellarmine University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Social Change program, is a force of positive energy fueled by his desire to help others. Marcus’ entire focus is community-based work. He is connected to a web of organizations within Louisville, KY and brings people and organizations together to remove barriers to success for marginalized people in the community. Marcus recently mobilized volunteers throughout the city to promote voter awareness, registration, and empowerment. Marcus is also strongly passionate about food insecurity, which is reflected by his current work with the Dare to Care Mobile Market. Food insecurity is both a root cause, and an effect of, a multitude of societal issues and Marcus is working at the “boots on the ground level” to ensure healthy foods for an equitable price are within reach, and to empower marginalized communities.

Susan Donovan
Bellarmine University

Personal Statement

I am a servant-leader, passionate, caring, and a listener. My accomplishments come from being in the ministry at church, loving my neighbors, and taking care of my family and wife. My primary interests are to learn more about food deserts and ways to efficiently create programs to uplift seniors, youth, low-income, and at-risk communities. I currently work as a mobile market manager at Dare to Care where I have the opportunity to engage with different communities and engage with community partners to make sure that healthy foods for an equitable price are within reach. Additionally, I am working on a comparative research study in my Doctoral program at Annsley Frazier Thornton School of Education at Bellarmine University on the lived experiences of food pantry access from staff and students. I have volunteered my time through studying abroad and intercultural engagement in San Jose, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Guatemala, and as an intern at International Student and Scholar Services at Vanderbilt University to learn about the complexities of our global world, how to promote positive change in our communities by building together, and learning from each other on what our differences and similarities are.

Marcus Stubbs
Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Social Change: Class of 23-Jun
written 2021

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