Hanna Burl

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee

Hanna Burl, a first-year student in the CAT® Dealer Prep program at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, is passionate about serving those in need in her community. For the last three years, Hanna has served as a foster parent, where she has become a valuable mentor for vulnerable children and families. She feels honored to have helped a struggling mother overcome her addiction and become lawfully reunited with her children. Hanna also serves as a volunteer EMT and paramedic and teaches lifesaving CPR classes. She feels a sense of pride in her efforts to serve those in need, especially children. Hanna has learned that it takes patience, humility and an open heart and mind to promote social change in your community. Through her experiences of serving others, she has realized all you need to get out of a rough situation is for someone to believe in you, even if that someone is you.

Bill Path
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee

Personal Statement

I have actively provided volunteer EMT and paramedic service for my community since 2011. I am motivated to serve my community because I live in rural Kansas and there is a high demand for volunteers. I have spent countless hours organizing and teaching members of the community, and other EMS personnel, the life saving certification of CPR. I have also organized and taught numerous continuing education courses for nursing and EMS personnel. I had to demonstrate leadership skills while teaching these courses such as communication, expertise, and being a good mentor. A social issue that I am very passionate about is the foster care system. My wife and I have been foster parents for the past three years and had the privilege of providing a temporary home to two extraordinary young ladies. Not only has being a foster parent helped a young child in need, it has also helped a struggling mother with a drug addiction. I have helped provide a vital service to my community in multiple ways demonstrated above. I have shown commitment to improving my community by providing service and leadership, whether it’s on the ambulance or in the foster care system.

Hanna Burl
CAT Dealer Prep: Class of August 2023
written 2022

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