Faith Vincent

Loras College

Faith Vincent is a third-year student, accounting and business analytics majors at Loras College, who has invested time and hard work to connect, create and build opportunities for fellow students at the College. In her role as a peer advisor to a first-year seminar course, when she observed a student struggling, she wasted no time meeting with them, and then connecting them to others with whom they share interests and then with organizations and campus resources in which they could seek support, help and/or fellowship. Faith also co-founded the Loras College Pickleball Club, to create inclusive and fun opportunities for her fellow students to gather together and engage in physical activity. Utilizing knowledge gained through her classes in the accounting and business analytics, Faith also organized a seminar for fellow students designed to educate them about Financial Literacy and how they could advocate for themselves and others in this area in the future. One of her personal goals during her senior year is to better understand and contribute to educational access and equity by expanding peer to peer tutoring and/or mentoring programs through her service as a Newman Fellow.

Jim Collins
Loras College

Personal Statement

Since coming to Loras College, I have had the opportunities and resources to make a real impact on my college community. Through my work as a Peer Advisor for first year students, I was able to assist students during their transition to college. I appreciated being someone students could come to when they had questions not only about school but also life. I was able to connect them with organizations and other students with similar interests. These experiences have prompted me to want to better understand the growing need at our college for peer tutors and/or mentors. Many students expressed to me how much they wished there was some type of peer to peer tutoring offered so they could feel empowered to find their own tutors in pursuit of better success in their classes. I plan to look into the feasibility of expanding and strengthening existing tutoring programs that could not only provide educational assistance to students but also provide opportunities for other students to enhance their skills and leadership by serving as a tutor/mentor.

Faith Vincent
Accounting and Business Analytics: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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