Desiree Ruiz Ramoz

Stonehill College

Desiree Ruiz Ramoz is a Junior at Stonehill College whose zeal for advocacy, human rights, and equity is evident in her efforts to create change on campus, in our local community, and abroad. Desiree has been involved in the H.O.P.E. service immersion program since her first year at Stonehill. She has been engaged as a participant in a racial justice immersion, held a role as a leader of a virtual immersion, and now serves as one of the H.O.P.E. interns planning the program. In this role, she facilitates trainings for the leader team and designs the immersions in communication with partner organizations. She holds the role of president of SORAI, a newly formed student organization promoting education and advocacy for refugee, asylee, and immigrant rights. She also serves as a BASES mentor through the Office of Intercultural Affairs, supporting other students of color in their college journey. Desiree displays maturity, professionalism, and wisdom beyond her years and commits herself fully to every opportunity. Desiree is a valued member of the Stonehill community. She is eager to offer her presence, ideas, and talents to support her peers and will undeniably be a source of light and hope in all her endeavors.

John Denning
Stonehill College

Personal Statement

As a proud product of immigrant parents, I can’t ignore the injustices in my community. If I did, I would be dishonoring the reason why my parents migrated. To seek opportunities that they did not have access to. They gave me the chance to live in a diverse community; that has been my biggest blessing. I want to ensure that Women of color like myself have access to opportunities to grow personally and professionally without any obstacles. That every door they seek will open without having to break chains, without a sign that says “you cannot enter.” I prioritize this work because as, a Woman of color, I have felt what it means to be marginalized and experienced inequity. If we wait for others to start this work, then are we doing our part to be global citizens? No. The time is now. Representation matters. But what is most important is that representation continues to grow and not look back. My hope is that my mark in this world is not the last because it sure wasn’t the first. But that my mark inspires others to want to continue to see and act towards social justice in all aspects.

Desiree Ruiz Ramoz
Psychology & English: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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