Braeden Cook

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Braeden Cook looks forward to a life of service in politics. If not a candidate, Braeden would like to write for a political publication. An excellent student, Braeden will graduate in May of 2022 with a major in political science and a minor in history. Braeden has been active on campus reactivating the College Republicans and participating in the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature. He also participate in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Ranger Marching and Concert Bands. Braeden has already volunteered in a door-knocking campaign this past fall for the successful candidate in Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District race. I am pleased to nominate Braeden as a Newman Civic Fellow.

Janet Cunningham
Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Personal Statement

The Newman Civic Fellowship Award is about working together with other community actors to bring social change. This is one thing I hope to do through starting the new College Republicans chapter on campus. We will work as a club to engage with the community in promoting not only Republican values, but values that we as Americans all share. Values such as the freedoms of speech and assembly, and our common disdain for political violence of any kind. I see the Newman Civic Fellowship as a great opportunity to speak and engage with other people willing to work together to help find a starting point in working to unite the country. The goal is not necessarily for everyone to unite under particular party, but rather come to an agreement on values that are the foundation of our country.

Braeden Cook
Political Science: Class of May, 2022
written 2021

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