Arianna Bustos

Bowling Green State University

Arianna Bustos, a fourth-year student at Bowling Green State University, is a student leader active in addressing ways to help future K-12 teachers become Inclusive and Culturally Responsive Educators. For the last four years she has worked with peers and faculty members within the College of Education and Human Development around curriculum development. Her focus has been on creating environments where students of color learning needs are being met, and where teachers of color and teacher allies are prepared to address inequitable teaching frameworks. She has been committed to working with students and colleagues within her academic program and college systems and has also worked to engage her peers in local and state level issues that impact the K-12 classroom and teacher education, including engaging her peers in learning about and getting engaged in understanding policy issues at the state level. Arianna’s champions k-12 culturally responsive teaching and learning driven by her belief that ‘minority’ student populations deserve equity at all levels of education. She is committed to a MEd program in Curriculum and Teaching at BGSU for academic year 2023, and to continuing her advocacy and activism around work on our campus and at the state level.

Rodney K Rogers
Bowling Green State University

Personal Statement

My name is Arianna Bustos and I am a fourth-year student and teacher candidate at Bowling Green State University. I will graduate from BGSU Spring 2022 with my B.S.Ed in Adolescence to Young Adult Integrated Language Arts. I will be attending BGSU in Fall 2022 to obtain my MEd in Curriculum & Teaching. Since sophomore year I have been on a journey of understanding and navigating the complex and Eurocentric world of teaching. My passion for inclusivity started with the organization Inclusive Culturally Responsive Educators. For the last two years I have worked with teachers of color and teacher allies addressing issues of inequitable teaching frameworks. Through this I came to understand how my culturally diverse background and voice have a lasting and powerful impact in the classroom. I am currently working on curriculum development for BGSU College of Education and Human Development. I work with other pre-service teachers within the College of EDHD through collaborative ideation on where students of color cultural learning needs are being met and where they can be improved. I often switch between teacher preparatory courses and K-12 culturally responsive implementation because equity is something that minority student populations deserve at all levels of education.

Arianna Bustos
BSEd Adolescence to Young Adult Secondary Education Integrated Language Arts: Class of April 2023
written 2022

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