Anthony King

Bowling Green State University

Anthony King is a junior majoring in communication whose leadership throughout the past year has raised awareness about systemic racism and discrimination in our community. Shortly after the tragic death of George Floyd, Anthony sprang to action by organizing a protest and rally of 500 people in Bowling Green to demand racial justice. He co-founded a non-profit called Black Rights, Activism, Visibility, Equity (B.R.A.V.E.), focused on “creating real change in local government policy to fight systemic racism and help to create resources and opportunities for Black people to succeed in education and business.” Since the creation of B.R.A.V.E. much progress has been made. For example, B.R.A.V.E. worked with the Bowling Green community to organize our first ever Juneteenth celebration. Another example includes working with local law enforcement, city government, and community organizations to raise awareness about the Black experience including supporting Black businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed. Anthony is currently creating a Black business incubator program in partnership with the local chamber of commerce. Anthony has contributed to significant change in our community in a short period of time, and has established a non-profit structure, coalition, and strategic goals that will continue to advance racial justice well into the future.

Rodney Rogers
Bowling Green State University

Personal Statement

I’ve always had a burning passion for people, justice, and love. Whether it was standing up for my friends who were picked on, fighting for more inclusive music to be performed in various choirs, or participating in Student Government, speaking truth to power is something I’ve always taken advantage of. However, It wasn’t until after the murder of George Floyd that I truly answered the call of activism and community organizing. Days after the horrific murder I organized a large protest and allowed the Black people in the Bowling Green Community to speak their heart and voice their frustrations with a deeply damaged system. During the protest, I listened to my community speak about not being represented, properly cared for, mentally taxed, and feeling targeted by the local police here. This inspired me to start BRAVE. BRAVE is a nonprofit that advocates, supports, and up-lifts the Black Community in majority white towns like Bowling Green. My goal is for Black people to eventually be able to go to any corner of America and feel represented, protected, welcomed, and at home.

Anthony King
Mass Communication: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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