Alyssa Griffin

Plymouth State University

As a sophomore Meteorology major and PSU Honors Program member, Alyssa Griffin serves as the Interim President and Food Pantry Manager of the Student Support Foundation. She dedicates her time to addressing food insecurity and ensuring her peers have access to basic needs through facilitating emergency financial grants as well as food pantry operations. Alyssa Griffin embodies our institutional motto, Ut Prosim, as she is continuously inspiring her peers to look at root causes of social issues and to widen their perspectives of the world. Alyssa spends her time as a Plymouth State student advocating for the needs of her peers and inspiring others to take care of each other and their community.

Don Birx
Plymouth State University

Personal Statement

Giving back to the community was something my parents made sure my brothers and I partook in to humble ourselves, learn compassion, but most importantly help others. Today, I still try to bring this mindset to everything I do. Since learning upwards of 40% of college students face food insecurity, I knew I had to do my part to lower that number through being a part of the Student Support Foundation (SSF) and acting as the Food Pantry Manager. Through connecting with local supermarkets, organizing food drives, opening satellite pantries across campus, programming an inventory and donation system, and advocating for funding, the pantry has been able to provide several students with food and toiletry items. As a Board Member, I have voted to award more than 100 students emergency financial grants, totaling over $10,000. It is extremely gratifying to know this work helps my peers succeed at Plymouth State. I hope the work SSF does inspires others to give back to their communities. I aspire to take the skills learned in my leadership position to my future career in researching and communicating the risks of climate change while finding new ways to give back to my community.

Alyssa Griffin
Meteorology: Class of 23-May
written 2021

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