Aigne Taylor

North Carolina A&T State University

Aigne Taylor, a junior at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, is leader and activist amongst her peers. Since her freshman year, she has been active in addressing issues affecting the politically advancement and engagement of the student body. She is a political science student that is passionate about utilizing her knowledge to bring awareness outside of the classroom. Aigne is great at utilizing her positions on campus and the power of her influence to mobilize students around the issues of voting, food insecurity and civic responsibility. She has created programs that educate and activate students, faculty and staff to create change on campus. Aside from her work in getting a polling site on campus and eliminating gerrymandering on campus, she leads our campus in voter registration, voter education, and civic engagement. She supervises four other democracy fellows and two Andrew Goodman Foundation Ambassadors in the charge to change the pulse of political activity at the University. She works with the Office of Student Development to develop strategic objectives for the campus, and serves as a lead for two campus workgroup to implement the plan. She is a vital resource for leveraging student involvement and engagement NC A&T.

Harold Martin
North Carolina A&T State University

Personal Statement

Growing up I was always engaged in politics and civic engagement. Coming from a military family, we often watched the news to stay up to date on current political events and affairs. Being civically engaged was indebted in me at an early age, so I knew my true passion was to assist people throughout civic and political engagement. North Carolina A&T gave me a political home to organize and implement change early in my undergraduate career. I became the Attorney General Intern during my freshman year which allowed me to participate in National Voter Registration Day and plan programs with the Political Action Committee. Due to my passion for educating students on voter engagement, I became the Political Action Committee chair. I assisted the Attorney General and committee with executing two successful political action weeks and National Voter Registration Day programming. My biggest accomplishment thus far has been petitioning and advocating for the unconstitutional gerrymandering that split NC A&T into two GOP congressional districts. The underlying purpose of all of this work is to ultimately educate those around me about our political systems while continuously fighting for the change I want to see in this world.

Aigne Taylor
Political Science : Class of 22-May
written 2021

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