Aditi Gupta

Dartmouth College

Aditi Gupta expertly weaves together her dedication to social justice alongside public health, gender, and human rights in myriad ways. She served as an intern in San Francisco with two organizations addressing healthcare, hygiene, and dignity both locally and abroad. At Equalize Health, she focused on lactation support and innovative solutions for low-income countries and at Simply the Basics, she fundraised and supported the unhoused community by disseminating hygiene kits across the city. The latter experience was so formative for Aditi that she returned to Dartmouth determined to create the College’s preeminent health and hygiene student association on campus. Hygiene for All was launched soon thereafter and in the first few months of operation, Aditi successfully collected and distributed over 900 hygiene products to housing insecure individuals. Aditi is currently advancing public health efforts domestically by volunteering in COVID-19 vaccine clinics while also demonstrating her equal commitment to global impact by working with the international organization, CARE, to sustainably expand hygiene access across Africa. With the intention to major in Anthropology alongside double minors in pre-med and chemistry, we are confident Aditi will continue to leverage her academic knowledge to deepen dialogue and impact regarding systemic health and gender inequities.

Philip J. Hanlon
Dartmouth College

Personal Statement

No woman should sacrifice their dignity for their menstrual cycle. Armed with this conviction, I have dedicated myself to combatting hygiene insecurity for communities at home and abroad. Before my sophomore year, I interned at a medical technology non-profit, where I learned the immense need for hygiene products, stretching from the States to the Sahara. When I returned to Dartmouth, I started a service club to promote hygiene security through menstrual hygiene drives & workshops with Greek spaces. Back home in California, I hosted a virtual fundraiser to provide dignity kits to housing-insecure families in the Bay Area. And now, I’m spearheading a pilot project with the non-profit CARE to understand how menstrual cups can sustainably combat period poverty for students in Africa. So, when I see an opportunity to make an impact, there is no stopping my drive to uplift others. Service is my love language to the world, and it’s how I honor all the women who taught me that dignity starts with wellbeing. Now, it’s my mission to help women and girls feel dignified, one pad at a time.

Aditi Gupta
Anthropology (Minors in Pre-Med and Chemistry): Class of 2023
written 2022

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