Guidelines for Submission

Congratulations on the completion of an institutional Civic Action Plan! The easiest way to submit your plan is to email it to Please also include:

  • Your final plan saved as a pdf
  • A Word document containing the text of your final plan
  • An Executive Summary with a bulleted/numbered list of action items
  • Your institution’s primary logo for inclusion in our Civic Action Plan library

Collecting plans in multiple formats will allow us to synthesize data. The executive summary and key action items will allow for quick access to the main ideas of the plan as we showcase them.

Plans will be included in Campus Compact’s Civic Action Plan online resource library, featured in Civic Action Plan analysis and publications, and presented as part of our national and regional conferences. We appreciate the bold intentions of our member institutions and the collaborative work in preparing plans. Your submission will be formally recognized. We look forward to hearing from you.